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About Tech 2

Who is Tech 2?

Tech 2 is your local consulting firm for computer and technology integration. We specialize in taking care of your present and future tech needs without talking over your head. Our specialties include interoperability considerations for those businesses running more than one type of operating system, planning for technology upgrades, and automating common business tasks, as well as the standbys of maintenance and repair.

How does Tech 2 work?

You have a problem? We solve it. We start by scheduling time to sit down with you at a convenient location and discuss your needs. Then, with your input, we draft a solution and present it for approval. After approval, we implement the solution, first ordering whatever equipment is necessary. If complications arise or changes need to be made, we keep you informed and alter our approach to meet your needs. Tech 2 is not a sales company. We are not looking to make money off of selling anything other than our expertise. This allows us to find the equipment that best fits your needs at the best possible price.

How can Tech 2 help me?

Maybe you’re tired of spending unbillable hours of your professional time fighting computer problems. Maybe you’d like to have your employees focus on the substance of your business instead of managing the necessary IT equipment. Tech 2 can step in to take the burden of technology management off you and your employees, to streamline the discussion of new technology integration and upgrades, and to communicate your needs to vendors. Never waste time speaking geek again to get through to the folks on the other side of the phone.

Why do I need Tech 2?

Business doesn’t stop so that you can handle computer and technology problems. It takes in-house time and effort away from substantive projects to wrestle with obscure tech issues. Tech 2 stays current with technology and has a wide base of expertise to get you back up and running as fast as possible.


Jonathan Sessions

A Columbia native and University of Missouri graduate, Jonathan provided retail marketing and higher-education development services for Apple Computers Inc. and local Apple affiliates before opening Tech 2. With a background in education, Sessions has years of experience in problem solving, one-on-one communication, training and instruction. Skilled in web and software development, he excels at providing solutions with proven techniques and well-recognized, dependable technology.


Technology Consultation

Our primary service is consultation, offering expert advice on integrating computers and technology with business practice. We are not a sales company. We strive to offer the right solution at the right price within your time frame. We present service options, not sales bundles. This approach covers all aspects of technology in business, from the best choices for a new website to deciding what a new employee needs in order to do the job properly.

Technology Project Management

Technology upgrade projects can be a challenge for businesses without a full-time IT staff. Tech 2 can help plan and manage projects from start to finish, whether it’s simple software upgrades or business expansions. Tech 2 will work with everyone from staff to contractors to make sure the work is done quickly and correctly the first time, with as little interruption of daily business as possible.

Apple Computer Service

Tech 2 is extremely knowledgeable about Macintosh computer equipment and can easily repair your Apple computers. In combined years, we have decades of experience spanning every product line and several generations of Macintosh equipment. In most cases, Tech 2 consultants can quickly determine if a computer problem is hardware related and can facilitate the repair.

Maintenance Contracts

Most people set up computers, printers, and networking devices and forget about them, until something goes wrong. The best way to ensure such technology can be safely forgotten is maintenance and prevention. Tech 2 will maintain your office equipment so that crises are few and far between. If a crisis does occur, Tech 2 can minimize the damage to your systems.

Website Development

A company website must convey specific ideas quickly and clearly. Everything about website development, from client needs to design parameters, must be considered for the site to reflect the credibility and professionalism of its company. Tech 2 is conversant in what web technology can do. Contact us to talk about your new website.


Tech 2 provides web and email hosting services for an affordable yearly fee. A business or family can have an unlimited number of email addresses and a place to host a website that supports all current web standards. Please contact us for our rate schedule.

Our Clients


Don't see anything here? If you have Google Chrome, it takes a minute to load. Trust us, it's coming. If you have Internet Explorer, that's another story and a bigger problem. Click Contact and we'll help you upgrade.


What am I looking at?

You're looking at a Raspberry Pi mounted beside a Tech 2 work bench. This little gadget has been configured as a web camera and web server--it’s actually hosting the site you’re viewing right now.

What in the world is a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card that only costs $35. It may be small and cheap but it’s rich with potential. People are using the Raspberry Pi to do all kinds of amazing projects from recording TV shows to playing music to automating basic tasks, like feeding your dog. Our dog is already spoiled enough so we’ve decided to use our Pi as a web server instead.

Web server?

All web sites are hosted on a server. If your website is at GoDaddy for instance, it’s actually sitting on a Godaddy server in a large room somewhere. A server is nothing more than a computer that’s been configured to provide end users with a specific service like file storage or, in this case, web hosting. We use these larger servers to host websites for clients but when it came to our website, we thought we’d have some fun and do something a little different.


Why not?

No really, why?

Folks can often put too much importance on websites as a sales tool. Don’t get us wrong, at a basic level they’re vital. A website is necessary if you have a business, organization, or a message you want to tell the world about. But keep in mind, websites are a communication tool, not a sales tool.

You’re here because you want to know more about Tech 2, get your website up to speed, or have us set up your office technology.That won’t change because we have a crazy, flashy website. So instead we have a website that is a single page, took an hour to code, running on $35 hardware, and using a webcam we had sitting in a drawer. Problem solved.

Need your problem solved? Call 573.443.1555.

Where can I learn more?

There are plenty of places to learn more about Raspberry Pi. It’s perfect for DIYers and it’s great for kids as well. We’d start with Adafruit where you can purchase all the basics and find some easy guides to get you started. Also, the Raspberry Pi page on Reddit is a good place to see examples of how much fun people are having with their Pi. So take a look and make sure to let us know what you cook up.

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